Search engine optimization plays a pivotal role in owning a business that engages in activity on the web. This is especially important for small businesses. Search engine optimization can help businesses grow their online market. Small businesses that do not take advantage of SEO set themselves up to fail.

Many small business owners mistakenly view SEO packages for small business as something that will only benefit large enterprises. They do not thoroughly appreciate the value that digital marketing brings. Businesses that adapted to digital marketing early have found it easier to adapt to changes in the business world that have been seen throughout the 2020 year.

More people are opting to purchase their products online. If a person wants to learn about a new business, the first place they go is to the Internet to get information. Small businesses that do not take advantage of SEO for small business find themselves becoming obsolete. Search engine optimization is what helps a small business get noticed on Google because it affects the way a small business ranks on search results.

Businesses that find themselves on the third, fourth, or fifth pages of Google search results get little to no business. Most customers are going to focus on the links that are available on the first or second page of the search results. In fact, it’s estimated that those 10 businesses that are on the first page of search results get more than 75 percent of all of the clicks. The hundreds or thousands of additional pages are fighting for the remaining 25 percent of business.