When a person begins to lose their mobility as they age, carrying out day to day tasks will become a challenge, and in some cases, create life-threatening safety hazards. One of the most dangerous activities that older adults attempt on their own is bathing, as the propensity of them slipping and falling increases as they become more unstable on their feet. Rather than dealing with the stress or expense of hiring a person to help, more seniors are installing Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA in their central bathroom.

Therapeutic Benefits

A warm bath is one of the best ways to ease the strain and discomfort associated with aching muscles and joints, and most walk-in bathtubs offer a deep tub design which allows anyone to be completely submerged in water. The addition of pressurized jets will only increase the therapeutic benefits, and sooth the body and mind. Some units are also equipped with a heating system that will keep the water warm for hours at a time.

Easy Access

The most prominent benefits of Walk-in Tubs in Oceanside CA is that they are easily accessible and are ideal for individuals that have limited mobility. An exterior door allows a person to step into the tub, with most having an opening that is 2 to 3 inches in height. Once inside, the door is easily latched and creates a watertight seal that withstands the weight of water without causing water damage.

Greater Independence

No one likes the idea of having to leave their home to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home, but when a person isn’t able to meet their hygiene requirements, there may not be another viable option available. A few minor modifications, such as installing an accessible tub, will allow anyone to live out their golden years in the home they know and love.

If a person is no longer able to use a traditional bathtub, it may be time to think outside the box. Guedes Construction Inc. provides customized remodeling services and will work with a family to upgrade a home so that it is safe and comfortable for people of all ability levels. Visit us online to learn more or call today and schedule a free, no-obligation project evaluation.