Why Pavement Maintenance Enhances Safety

by | Feb 22, 2012 | Business

Pavement maintenance is a basic obligation for sponsors of many industrial zones. According to US law, the tarmac of airports has to be carefully maintained and kept free from debris, damage and other obstructions to prevent accidents and loss of life. Regular and comprehensive measures in pavement maintenance can provide an operable surface that is safe for repeated use. Highways and other areas also need pavement maintenance to facilitate the free flow of traffic and in the prevention of accidents. Preventative maintenance is proven to be much less costly than repairs and overhauling that cost top dollar and require downtime of an airstrip or highway that is costly and inconvenient.

General pavements in highways, parking lots, joggers and pedestrian trails etc. need regular maintenance to prolong life and promote user comfort. Sporting surfaces like tennis courts, basket ball courts, playgrounds, skating parks and other recreational surfaces also require pavement maintenance from professional contractors. When choosing a contractor, you should ensure that they have a service history and deal exclusively in the field of pavement maintenance. The type of equipment and labor inputs would be determined by the nature of the job and type of maintenance required.

The various aspects of pavement maintenance include: sealcoating, crack sealing, patching, line marking and specialty coatings. The majority of surfaces are made of asphalt. Specialty coatings are alternative surface coatings that provide enhanced safety and appearance.

One of the common specialty surface treatments include the application of special epoxy coating and incorporating aggregates that help in providing a skid resistant surface. Zones that need a high friction surface such as in crosswalks and sharp curves can also be additionally marked out. Pavement installations sometimes require special coatings for enhancing aesthetics. Installers of decorative surfaces focus on color and texture to blend in with the surroundings.

Sealcoating is a preferred method of filling in cracks that are less than 1/4th inch in width. The best crack sealing material is an elastomeric material that has the ability to expand and contract with temperature differences at the same rate as the paving material. The material used as sealant will depend on the geographic location of the paving. To ensure that the sealing material bonds to the surface effectively, the crack must be properly prepared by cleaning, drying and routing before application of the sealant.

Preventative maintenance is a more cost-effective method than full scale repairs and other extensive pavement maintenance. Worcester, MA residents can find experienced contractors in the area offering professional surface treatments and maintenance.


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