Pest management is a system or way to eliminate or control insect/bug populations that may be harmful ato humans and pets. For commercial and residential locations, it focuses on insects and pests inside the home or office, which can lead to damaged structures, damaged wires and illness. It primarily deals with removing the pests first, and then finding ways to prevent them from coming back in later. It is essential to homeowners and business owners, and there are many reasons to consider it.

Prevent Damage

Termites and other pests are well known for causing damage to your home/office structure, the building, furniture, clothing, and carpets. Everyone knows that termites eat wood and products made of wood. However, rats can chew through wiring and walls, cause fires and many other things. Therefore, it is essential to hire a pest management company, such as RIP to ensure that your home and belongings don’t get damaged or consumed.

No More Allergies

Pests are an annoyance, but they can also cause allergic reactions, such as skin allergies, respiratory problems, and asthma. Mosquitos bite and suck blood, which causes skin rashes. Bed bugs can do the same. Some people are highly allergic to cockroaches and are a leading cause of asthmatic problems in children.

Avoid Disease/Health Problems

Along with allergic reactions to these bugs, you can contract diseases from many of them. For example, Lyme disease, leprosy, UTIs, dysentery, and food poisoning are just a few examples. Pests also carry bacteria and viruses, which can affect your health. While most of these problems are treatable, why would you want to take the risk?

Fresh Food Supply

Many insects and pests are attracted to your food, such as ants, rats, cockroaches and more. Therefore, they can contaminate your food supplies, think of items in the pantry and things you leave outside the refrigerator, such as flour and sugar.