It has been well documented that the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding area was one of the hardest hit markets during the housing crisis. In fact, the effects are still being felt throughout certain areas in Las Vegas as the market struggles to recover. Some analysts as long ago as earlier this year have come out and stated that recovery could take decades.

Now, while recovery could and probably take decades, but that absolutely does not mean that a homeowner should do nothing until then. The housing market for homes Las Vegas, NV is still there. It is just not booming like it once was. Now, more than ever, a homeowner needs a true expert to help them sell his or her house. Not just anyone can sell a house in Las Vegas for a fair market price these days.

Choose a Realty Company to Help

To sell a home in Las Vegas, a homeowner must take the time to do their homework. A proper search must be done to find a real estate agent or realty company that has vast knowledge and superior track record for sales of homes in Las Vegas, NV. It is important to look at the past history of homes sold by the real estate agent or realty company. This information is public knowledge and easy to access. There are several different aspects to look at.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent or Agency

The first aspect that needs to be examined is the average number days on the market for each of the properties that the real estate agent or realtor company sold. The market average for Las Vegas is around 150 to 160 days. If the real estate agent or realty company has an average lower than the market average, then that is an indicator of how aggressive they are in selling a home.

Another aspect to examine is the average selling price of the properties versus the original list price and how that compares to the rest of the housing market in Las Vegas. If the average list and sold price is lower than the market averages, then further examination is needed to find out why this is the case. This is not always a bad indicator because the factor is partially dependent on the seller, but the numbers will indicate if further investigation is needed.

Overall the market for homes in the greater Las Vegas area is beginning to show signs of recovery. Because it was one of the hardest hit markets during the housing crisis, it may take a bit longer than in other areas of the country to recover. It does not mean house can be bought and sold at a fair market price. Having the right partner to go through the whole process is just needed.

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