From the loud, boom of the lightning cracking to the beautiful light storm’s it produces, thunder and lightning storms are often a sight to behold. They also can be very dangerous, especially if the lighting strikes near home or a residential area. The damage that is more common when lightning strikes are electrical damages. There are different types as well, aside from the typical power outages.

  • Power Surges:

When lightning strikes near a power line, more electrical current is sent to wall outlets. With the increase in electricity, power surges often will fail. This type of failure can lead to damaged computers and other electrical appliances that are used within the home. Using a surge protector will help to prevent this type of damage with the next storm.

  • Fire:

Lightning carries large amounts of heat and can often start fires that are not visible within the home; such as inside a wall. Leaving home and contacting the fire department for safety measures is advisable.

  • Breaker Damage:

If lightning does strike a home and there is no sign of potential fires, it is important to test all breakers in the house. Checking the electrical wiring with a tester preferably from a professional who specializes in Industrial Electrical Services in Louisville KY is also essential to make sure that everything is functioning correctly.

Hiring a professional service like, Bates Electric Inc will specialize in many types of services like repairing any damage that may occur during storms, floods, any water damage, and, wind storms. In addition to repairing, there are many other important things that an Industrial Electrical Services in Louisville KY will specialize in these include:

  • Installing Generators
  • Upgrading Current Equipment
  • Service and General Maintenance

It is always important to practice safety when dealing with electricity and electrical equipment. It is important to inspect all electrical equipment prior to use, especially if damage has occurred prior to using. Labeling all circuit breakers will also help to pinpoint the area of damage should damage happen.

Most importantly, do not ever touch a person or the electrical equipment that was used during the electrical accident. Using a professional service will ensure that there will be the safety of yourself and those around you. They will also make sure that the job is done effectively so that there is less likely to be any damage with the next storm. Visit the site for more information.