Easy to answer that one, retaining walls in Bossier City LA are required because the city sits on the banks of the Red River, and it’s a fact that rivers erode riverbanks. Now that Bossier City, along with its sister city Shreveport on the other side of the river have been successful in attracting casinos; most of which are built hugging the river; river and riverbank conservation has become of prime importance.

Although the river is now kept under control through a system of locks, weirs and dams, it still can crest. In the event of a flood, it’s down to the retaining walls to keep the rising waters at bay. With the able assistance of the Waterway Commission, the river continues to grow in importance, providing recreational and commercial uses to residents and visitors alike. Without the Red River, the city’s future would not look as rosy as it does today.

Are Retaining Walls In Bossier City LA Used Elsewhere?

It’s also easy to answer that one. Yes, they sure are. Retaining walls in Bossier City LA abound in parks, commercial establishments and residential areas. Retaining walls are no longer just for the mundane purpose of holding back the water and preserving the soil, they are also used as decorative features in well planned and designed gardens. In modern landscape design you will see creative uses of brick, shale, cut granite and flagstone. These and other hard surface finishes are used as walkways, outdoor BBQ pits, fire pits and fireplaces, as well as used as a veneer on retaining walls. The walls themselves are at times important as a method of halting erosion, at other times they are purely decorative, but at all times they are rich in features.

What Are Retaining Walls Bossier City LA Most Often Used For?

Although both Bossier and Shreveport lie in the flood plain of the Red River, there are still plenty of undulating hills, slopes and knolls. As beautiful as they may be, if they are too steep and in an area where their collapse could prove disastrous, then they are controlled by the construction of retaining walls in Bossier City LA. The foundations of buildings and other structures are most at risk from soil erosion; retaining walls and water course management are used to provide protection in the event of a very hard downpour or a flood from the river. With the area now depending more and more on the casinos and the tourists that are providing a source of employment and income, it is of utmost importance that no harm comes to the buildings or the landscaping themes.

The landscape architects and designers are very adept at developing retaining walls in Bossier City LA that serve all purposes; keep erosion at bay, manage water flow and add immeasurably to the beauty of the environment.