Why You Need a Plumber Cape Coral, FL, for Low Water Pressure

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Plumber

Has your home been experiencing low water pressure lately? There are a few causes of low water pressure and some of these problems require a plumber in Cape Coral, FL, to help you resolve the issues.

Ask Yourself This Question

Is the low water pressure contained to one faucet? If so, the problem could be a buildup of sediment in the faucet. Some people install filters on their faucets and shower heads. In some cases, these devices do affect water pressure. Try cleaning the faucet or removing the filter, if applicable, and see if this solves the problem.

Now, if all the faucets in the home are affected by low water pressure, contact your water company. It could be the municipal system is responsible for the pressure issue. Sometimes, when water lines are being serviced or other parts of the municipal system are being repaired, this affects the water pressure. If you call the water company and everything is fine on their end, then you want to call a plumber.

When all the faucets are getting poor water pressure, the issue is likely a leak in a water line. Have a licensed plumber perform leak detection services to find out the exact location. Once this is determined, they’ll be able to provide you with solutions to fix the problem. Water pressure issues that are the result of leaky water line should never be ignored. Even tiny water leaks cause expensive hidden damage.

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