Why You Need Homeowners Insurance in Germantown

by | Feb 4, 2013 | Insurance Service

Going without homeowners insurance is a real gamble. Think about the value of your home and everything you have inside. Would you be able to afford to pay to replace those things if the unthinkable would happen? In most cases, you wouldn’t. If you think you don’t need homeowners insurance in Germantown, you need to think again. This is especially true if your home falls into one of the major risk factors.

Aggressive Pets

If you have an animal that is categorized as an aggressive pet, such as certain breeds of dogs, you need to make sure you have the right homeowners insurance. If your dog attacked someone who was on your property or happened to be passing by, the costs you would be responsible for can be quite high. Add in a potential lawsuit and you will find homeowners insurance would have been the best thing to have to avoid these costs.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are another risk that require you to have the proper homeowners insurance in Germantown. This is especially true if your pool isn’t enclosed with a fence because this increases the risks of accidental drowning. However, there are other risk factors associated with a pool, such as a diving board or slide installed on your pool. Without the right kind of insurance, you could be liable for any injuries that occur in or around your pool.

No Prior Insurance

As long as you own a home, you need to have proper insurance coverage on that home. If you allow your policy to lapse, you will end up paying much more for your homeowners insurance when you attempt to purchase it again. This shows you how important it is to make sure your insurance payments are up to date. Simply failing to make your payments or not starting up a new policy after purchasing a home can be a costly mistake, especially if something happens.

Buying homeowners insurance in Germantown is important for everyone; however, it can be even more important for some homeowners than others. Knowing what types of situations most require this insurance, as well as how to avoid paying higher rates than necessary, can help you make the best choice. Having aggressive pets or a swimming pool are all important reasons to have coverage in the event of an accident to avoid large expenses. Keeping your insurance updated when you have it is also critical to avoid paying more money out of your pocket.

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