If you are looking to file a disability claim to receive your social security disability insurance benefits, you might think that you can simply fill out the paperwork and do everything on your own. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, it is a very complicated process, and you will surely need a disability lawyer in Chicago on your side.

Expert Knowledge

An attorney will know all of the terminologies and legalese that go along with filing for benefits. They will never leave you wondering when will I receive my SSDI back pay. Knowing specific terms may not seem like a big deal, but the way the Social Security Administration defines them is very narrow. If you use them in the wrong way in your application, it is certain that you will be denied.

Follow Through on the Claim

Instead of being discouraged by all of the paperwork and bureaucracy that goes along with applying for SSDI, an experienced disability lawyer in Chicago will make sure that everything is submitted before the deadline, as well as ensure that the paperwork is filled out completely. Any mistakes can lead to rejection which then leads to lengthy delays in receiving the money you are due.

Help You Appeal

If you have already filed on your own and been denied, you are allowed to appeal this denial. Instead of worrying about when will I receive my SSDI back pay, a lawyer will start the appeals process for you and guide you all the way.

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