Why you need to remove mold from your house

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Mold remediation in Boise or anywhere is a must to protect the health and well-being of the family and pets. Washrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basins, and damp and dark areas in your house are perfect breeding grounds for the fungus that spreads and thrives in humid, moist areas. These naturally occurring phenomena contain microscopic creatures that can threaten the health of human beings if not dealt with promptly and effectively. Below are some health risks of growing mold, and why it’s necessary to remove it from the premises.

Health risks

Black mold is a common type of household creature that comes in different species. These produce spores that pose serious health risks when humans are exposed to them over a period of time. Constant inhalation of the mycotoxins in mold can cause respiratory problems, and might even lead to death if allowed to thrive unchecked. Once these creatures have started to grow, they require consistent efforts to stop them from spreading and taking over the house.

Folks that regularly inhale mold spores are likely to develop a weakening immune system over time. Other symptoms, including diarrhea and skin and throat irritation, are bound to make an appearance as well. These symptoms are not confined just to humans, but pets are also likely to suffer negative consequences as a result of living with mold.

What you can do to tackle mold growth

When you become aware of mold growth in your house it isn’t necessary to call on professional help right away. Depending on the size of the area covered in mold, there are steps you can take to address the problem.
When cleaning a small area of mold, make sure the product you use is designed to remove mold, and not some hazardous mixture that may or may not work. It’s also prudent to identify the moisture source – like a basement leak or broken pipe – responsible for the mold growth. If the moisture source does not get identified and fixed, no amount of cleaning is going to get rid of the problem effectively.

When to call on professionals

When mold covers a large area in your house, or is difficult to reach, you need immediate professional assistance. Many homeowners use commercial cleaning products or home-grown concoctions to get rid of mold on the premises. These are rarely effective to put an end to the presence of these unwelcome house guests, however. Professional services dealing with mold remediation and elsewhere, on the other hand, have developed and will most likely use certain kinds of detergents, paints or sprays to kill existing mold effectively, and advise on how to prevent the spread and growth of new mold.

If and when mold is growing out of control on your premises in the Tressure Valley area, give a call for mold remediation in Boise for prompt, effective, and professional service. These experienced experts can be found at 208-918-2280.


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