At one point, everyone wanted to experience dorm life for themselves. But, as time has evolved, the many downfalls of campus life have been exposed, leading many students to seek other living arrangements. Here are a few reasons why student housing complexes have become a top pick and why you, too, should consider this beneficial option.

You Will Have the Space You Need

If you go the dorm route, expect your living space to be extremely limited. In fact, you probably will have to leave behind most of your belongings, including your beloved coffee maker and your favorite furry friend. With student apartments at WCU, however, you will not only be able to bring along all of your most precious possessions, but you will also have more space to spread your wings.

Your Pocketbook Will Thank You

There are plenty of cost savings to enjoy when choosing student apartments at WCU. Rental costs tend to be much lower as you won’t be hit with the long list of miscellaneous fees required by campuses. And because you will have your own kitchen, you can eliminate the financial burden of constantly eating out or purchasing costly campus meal plans.

You Won’t Run Out of Things to Do

There is tons of fun to be had on campus, but the same old festivities tend to get old after a while. Fortunately, student housing complexes are enriched with a wide range of enjoyable amenities, like fitness centers and pool areas, giving you more options to play with when boredom sets in.

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