There are many types of window coverings that add a flair to a home. Some people choose to cover the windows with blinds and add valances or swags. Valances are made from fabric and used on the top of windows to add color to a room. The valance can also complement the wall paint. Likewise, swags are made of fabric and hung over the top of the window. The widest part of the swag hangs at the side of the window.

Draperies in Stamford add a more elegant touch to a room. Dominic’s Decorating in Stamford offers a full range of custom materials including slipcovers, bedding, and drapes. One of the most common types of drapes is pleated at the top. Many homeowners use a traverse rod allowing the homeowner to pull the drapes open and closed. Curtain rods and tie-backs allow homeowners to show their individuality. Rods are made in many decorative styles, and drapes can be hung in different ways. Updated styles include less formed methods of hanging drapes and tie backs in various styles and materials. Indeed, many of them have faux stones attached.

Why are Draperies in Stamford so popular? One reason is that, unlike curtains, draperies are harder to see through. They are made of thicker material and give people in the home a sense of security and privacy. Further, drapes are usually lined and provide needed insulation in cold weather. Drapes are also economical because of the durability. Most drapes need to be dry-cleaned, but can go for a few years without it. Actually, one can keep drapes clean by lightly vacuuming them. On the other hand, blinds and other window coverings have to be cleaned regularly.

A major difference is how easily blinds are damaged while drapes are very sturdy. The biggest bonus of having Draperies in Stamford is the soft factor. Drapes soften up any room and complement the decor. Finally, draperies do not have to be expensive. Many stores have major sales on home decor throughout the year. Also, custom drape shops offer reasonable prices. The consumer has the added benefit of choosing between a variety of fabric patterns. Visit  for more information.