Many jobs require a particular set of soft-skills. As an employer, you may get an idea of a person’s competency from a resume. Yet, it would be a lot better to get some actual proof. This can be done through testing. The DISC assessment is a widely used test that determines a person’s abilities in this area. See why you should start incorporating it into your hiring process.

The Details of the DISC Assessment

At the heart of it, the DISC assessment is a personality test. It was initially developed in the 1920s, and continues to be used today. This is due to the fact that the DISC is a reliable measure of a person’s skill. It uses four different behavior categories to tell you more about a subject’s personality type. This can be used to verify whether a potential employee will be a good fit, or to help an existing employee improve his or her communication skills.

Administering the Test

There is a general method for administering the DISC. First, a subject may be asked to identify adjectives that describe their own personality. This interview process can occur online or through a face-to-face meeting. In the end, the test is graded to give an idea of where the person falls on a continuum. There are no wrong or right answers. Rather, the results only provide some evidence of a person’s dominant behavioral style.

Using the DISC for Your Company Needs

After reading the above information, you may be convinced that the DISC is the right tool for your company. Generally, you can incorporate the DISC by using it to place employees in certain departments. This will help you benefit from the individual strengths of each person. In the end, the DISC can help you make your company as productive and efficient as possible.

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