While most people claim that the Upper West Side isn’t trendy, you may not realize just how much it has going for it. If you were to live there all the time, you’d have access to many exciting places, such as the Levain Bakery, home of the biggest and most delicious chocolate chip cookie ever. UWS apartments for sale allow you to live in such an exciting area and still have all the luxuries you hope for in a New York City apartment.

What’s Around Town

While you may not find a lot of excitement right outside your door because people want quiet and solitude where they live, a few short blocks away are where it all comes together. Whether you walk, grab a cab and explore farther away, or use your bicycle, you’ll get exercise and experience NYC in a new and exciting way. Central and Riverside Park are close by, as well as a myriad of popular shops, restaurants, and cafes. For those who crave cultural landmarks, the American Museum of Natural History is nearby, as well.

Amenities Available

Amenities are always found in UWS apartments for sale. You’ll find a lounge with a pool table and plenty of seating where you can entertain. You’ll also have access to a rooftop terrace with an outdoor fireplace to keep you warm during those chilly NYC evenings. The basketball court allows you to shoot some hoops, practice yoga or just get your daily jog in when it’s raining or you don’t want to go outside, and they may also have a fitness center, as well.

The Building Is Beautiful

While most people don’t pay close attention to the exterior of the building, you’ll note the transformed and beautiful landscape. The building looks couture without being snobbish, but you’ll always know you’re home. For more information visit 221 West 77.