Why Your Smoke Detector is Giving False Alarms

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Security System

In Louisville, KY there is nothing quite as annoying as hearing your smoke or fire alarm going off and there is not a fire or any smoke around. If this has happened to you, then you understand what a source of frustration this can be especially if the fire department is contacted.

The fact is, this type of “false alarm” can be the result of issues that don’t have anything to do with fire or smoke. Some of the common reasons that your fire alarm is going off, even with no issue present, are found here.

Bad Wiring

If you’re fire alarm system is outdated there is a very high possiblity your fire alarm is false do to old wiring. Rather its critters eating the wires or old wiring that has become deteriorate, these items will cause trouble signals and fire alarm errors on your fire panel.


Another common cause of false fire alarms is dust. This can get into your smoke or fire alarm in Louisville, KY and trigger it to go off. This is because the detector mistakes the dust for smoke. To remedy this issue, remove the detector and clean it up from time to time. If necessary, upgrade your alarm for another, more modern type that won’t be affected by this issue. Make sure your current fire security provider is providing annual or semi-annual fire inspections on your fire alarm panel.

If you have several false alarms from your smoke or fire alarm in Louisville, KY, then learning what may be causing them can be beneficial and save you money.

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