If you own a commercial storefront and want to stay protected from a robbery or burglary, you need to choose a protective glass that will keep a criminal from accessing your property. This same type of glass is also featured for use in homes. In addition, the glass is designed to absorb energy from the impact of bullets or other objects that are used to break glass.

Burglar-Resisting Glass

Typically, windows in Fort Worth that are made with bullet-resisting or burglar-resisting glass are made of a laminated tempered glass and polycarbonate thermoplastic material. The term “bulletproof” is used to describe any glass product that is totally secure from gunfire. However, glass portals of this type do not last forever. Therefore, people in the industry prefer to call the glass bullet-resisting or burglar-resisting glass.

Use the Glass in an Earthquake Zone

Indeed, windows made of this material can be used in a large array of applications. The glass is used in governmental buildings, in pharmacies, at police stations, in hospitals, at banks, and in jails. Besides stopping bullets, this type of glass is also used to foil the attempts of burglars who smash a window and grab a property’s contents. It can also protect occupants from tornado or earthquake activity.

Therefore, these security windows keep you safe from crime as well as environmental extremes. When you choose this type of glass product, it is normally pricier than other types of glass. However, any extra costs along these lines are negligible when you consider the additional security offered by the product.

Where to Obtain Further Details

If you would like to learn more about this type of glass as well as other glass services, contact a company such as Business Name. Doing so will not only benefit you from a security standpoint but it can also increase the value of your property.