Every workplace has its hazards, and the worker’s compensation program is there to protect employees. Generally, workers can recover compensation when they file a claim, but common mistakes may derail these cases. Below are a few errors to avoid when working with Workplace Accident Attorneys.

Not Acting Soon Enough

When a worker is injured, they must file a claim with the state’s industrial commission within a year of the accident. If the claim concerns a disease, it must be filed no more than two years after the condition left the person unable to work. Filing in a timely fashion is crucial to the success of the claim.

Not Keeping the Lawyer Well Informed

Worker’s compensation claims are hard enough when Workplace Accident Attorneys have all the facts. However, they become much worse when claimants withhold information. No matter how bad the case sounds, it’s important to tell the attorney everything. If the information is omitted, it can resurface later and cause serious damage to the case.

Not Following Through With Vocational Rehab

The point at which the insurer hires a vocational rehab expert is one of the most crucial stages in the claim. When the case progresses to this point, a worker’s compensation lawyer will provide help and guidance. Failure to cooperate with the rehabilitation expert is often cited as a reason for claim denial, and an attorney will encourage clients to fulfill their obligations.

Not Accepting Suitable Employment

The law makes no compensation provisions for workers who fail to find a comparable job. Therefore, it is in the client’s best interest to take a job either at their former workplace or one recommended by the vocational rehabilitation expert. An attorney’s services are invaluable in helping clients determine whether an offered job is suitable.

Not Telling the Employer About the Accident

Employees are required to report workplace accidents as soon as possible after they occur. Furthermore, written notice should be filed as soon as possible.

Before a claim can succeed, clients must avoid certain claim-damaging mistakes. By avoiding the errors listed above, an injured worker is more likely to get the compensation he or she needs. Call for additional information or visit our website to schedule a consultation. You can also follow them on Instagram for more information.