Are you interested in a job with a future? Maybe you want something which pays well and offers great job security. If you have the right data analytics training in New York, it’s possible to become a data analyst.  But what will you need and how does one go about entering this profession? Here is important information from RSquare Edge to help you make an informed decision.

What are Your Interests?

What kind of job are you in search of? Are you looking for a job in business intelligence as opposed to data analytics? The two jobs are closely related but not the same thing. Business intelligence is the process of collecting data to be used for analysis.

Collecting data includes gathering information like sales records. This information is then cleaned and placed into storage for analytics people to access. This could be in the form of reports, graphs, or charts. A data analyst takes this information and turns it into a useful tool for marketing and solving business problems.

For some people, making the transition will not be difficult with the right data analytics training in New York. When you come to a business data training center like RSquare Edge, you have assistance with choosing the right kind of training for your future job. This leads us to the next step, and it involves filling in the gaps of your training and education.

Do You Have the Right Skills?

Are you thinking about becoming a data scientist? You will need an impressive list of skill sets, and this includes:

*   Predictive analysis

*   SQL experience

*   Business analytics

*   Business communication skills

*   Knowledge of data analysis software like Knime, SPSS, or SAS

If you are seeking a job in business intelligence, you should have these qualifications:

*   Experience working with data scientists

*   Advanced training in predictive analysis

*   Understanding of DTD (data to decisions framework)

Filling in the Gaps

Once you know what you wish to do and understand your shortcomings, it’s time to fill the gaps in your education and experience. For example, you may need to go back to school and get a Master’s Degree in data science or analytics. However, many data professionals can get what they need in as little as 12 weeks. When you come to RSquare Edge, we help you determine just what you need to succeed. This way, you can receive data analytics training in New York customized to your specific job. With the help of experienced professionals you will receive career guidance, mentoring and assistance finding a good job.