The growing resurgence of Yoga music in NJYoga music in NJ means that people are now more than ever showing interest in the blossoming genre. While Yoga music is really not a technical term, the music most people associate with Yoga is World Music or New Age music. Both rely heavily on rhythmic beats and elements of nature. New Age music is most closely related to the practice of Yoga and over the course of the last two decade has seen a boost in popularity thanks to popular artists dabbling in the genre and incorporating elements of New Age into their artistic works.

The History Of Yoga

The practice of Yoga originated in Ancient India and is a core part of the Hindu religion. Yoga is a type of meditation, sometimes accompanied by music, in which one is supposed to become enlightened through self-correction. The practice of Yoga was introduced to the West in the mid-nineteenth century but did not become regularly practiced until the 1960s when a Hindu trend swept through the United States, in states such as NJ, and Europe. At that same time doctors noticed the positive effects Yoga had on the body and began to encourage Yoga to patients with heart problems and cancer.

Yoga Music in NJ Explained

Since the 1960s Yoga has been practiced as a free-standing type of exercise regimen, unconnected to the Hindu faith. Yoga centers have popped up across NJ and encourage anyone wishing to better themselves physically and mentally to join in on a session. Typical yoga sessions include music to facilitate self-exploration. The New Age movement seen in the 1980s had Yoga as one of its core elements and often the music paired with Yoga is classified as New Age Music. The recognizable components of New Age Music are rhythmic melodies, natural elements of wind and water incorporated into the songs, and relaxing tones.

Popular Yoga Music in NJ

While many Yoga musicians are probably not well known outside of NJ Yoga circles a few modern artists are known for their New Age music. Some popular musicians whose music can be categorized as Yoga music are Yanni, Enigma and Enya. Today, many Yoga studios rely on World music to set the mood during a Yoga session. Popular styles of music are Indian, Tibetan and any tradition which includes chanting.

As the popularity of Yoga grows due to the overwhelming medical evidence securing its favor among physicians the genre of Yoga music will likely also grow. With technology allowing artists from around the world to share their music more and more variety is available to Yoga studios. For those wishing a live performer for Yoga meditations many are available in the NJ area. By contacting a NJ booking agent specializing in World music and New Age artists anyone interested in hiring a live musician can learn about their options. You can book an artist who specializes in Yoga Music in NJ for any event or occasion.