If you are a woman with 4c hair, you are aware of the maintenance that your natural hair demands. It can be tiring, tedious, and even confusing figuring out the perfect routine that will benefit your hair the most. Regardless of the routine, moisturizer is one of the most important things, especially for 4c hair. Here are some amazing benefits of using a moisturizer:

1. Moisturizer Prevents Dryness

4c hair is more prone to dryness than other hair textures. The course and thick nature of the hair are what make it more difficult for it to hold and retain moisture. Some naturals may be familiar with the fact that 4c hair can feel dry even after it has been moisturized. This is why a good routine is important to have, especially since over-moisturizing can cause setbacks in growth.

2. Moisturizer Helps the Ends

Brittle split ends can lead to excessive breakage and stunted hair growth. This is where moisturizer for 4c hair comes in. A good moisturizer helps keep the ends sealed and protected from becoming too dry. Moisturized hair also promotes elasticity, which can help prevent hair from breaking off as well.

3. Moisturizer Makes Your Hair Easier to Style

Coarse hair textures can become very hard to style and maintain once they become dry and brittle. Moisturizer for 4c hair can help prevent the hair from becoming matted and tangled. This is important to avoid since tangled hair can lead to breakage.

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