Hair loss doesn’t have to feel devastating now that there are so many different treatment options available. The trick is knowing the best time to seek out professional help since hair loss can be a gradual process that’s difficult to spot. Knowing the early signs will tell you when to pursue hair loss treatment in Warwick, RI.

Your Part Looks Wider

Even though you might not notice a receding hairline, your hair might be getting thinner over time. The easiest way to know that this is happening is by looking at the width of the part in your hair. When you start noticing that more of your scalp seems exposed in the part, it’s time to consider hair restoration options.

You’ve Started Losing Hair

Pay attention to how much hair your comb or brush collects as you perform your grooming ritual. If you notice more clumps of hair, you should consult a professional. You’ll want to rule out hair loss as a cause of an underlying problem. Once you know that hair loss is a normal part of your aging process, you can take steps to slow down or restore the loss of your hair.

You Have a Sore or Itchy Scalp

As people age, they tend to develop skin conditions that result in sore, red, or itchy skin. When this occurs on your scalp, the quality of your hair can suffer and lead to bald patches. Seeking hair loss treatment in Warwick, RI can help you restore your hair and improve the condition of the skin on your scalp.

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