There are a lot of ways you can use wire rope CT. Like string, wire rope is incredibly versatile and useful for a large variety of things; wire is stronger, of course, than string, but you get the idea. You may be having a hard time picturing what this actually is. Just imagine several metal strands being weaved together. Those are actually wrapped tightly around a central core of the same. The thicker you go the more robust its use. Often these are used on anything from Navy ships to boats, to fencing and industrial use in various machines. Its uses are unlimited really.

An easier way to articulate this wire rope in CT is to think of it as many do, as a “cable”. The reason is that the strands when they all wind together looks like a cable and acts like a cable. These cables are also used to move electricity or to attach electrical lines to what many call the “phone poles”. They may actually also carry phone lines so that is an accurate name for them. When we see them swinging long ropes from pole to pole over miles distance on the side of the road, we tend to call these cables or wire rope CT “Lines”.

The power behind these metal wire ropes is apparent when we realize that those large hoists at a construction site are actually using this wire to move entire building sides around as well as hundreds of other things. Without this wire rope we’d not be able to do many of the things we consider “modern conveniences”. We wouldn’t be able to erect, easily, buildings, large beams, even the machines that move forest trees after being cut use this cable wire to do their job!

You know that cable that tow trucks use to hoist in your car, and the one they attach to the hook to pull your car out of a ditch or onto a tow bed? You guessed it, Wire rope!

As you’ve likely already assessed, there are a lot of different types of wire rope on the market and new versions appear all the time as necessity causes people to innovate even more with this versatile resource. There are several configurations of rope and the strands that make up the rope.