Having gravel Portland Oregon is a great way to add character to your driveway or improve the quality of concrete that you want to create. If you are looking to use gravel for commercial purposes, you will make use of it when you are making concrete for construction. If you want to use gravel for personal uses, it will be best suited in gardens, driveways, and even ditches that may be around your home.

Gravel Portland Oregon can be found on sand and gravel companies. These companies have several different kinds of gravel. When you visit a company that provides gravel Portland Oregon, ensure that you inquire on the best kind of gravel for the functions and jobs that you require. If you want to purchase gravel for your driveway or walkway, pea gravel will be the best choice. This type of gravel comes in small size stones with round edges. The round edges on the pea gravel are not sharp. This ensures that the walkway or driveway will be comfortable to stroll on or drive your vehicle.

If you want gravel Portland Oregon for your garden, river rock will be the best type of gravel to suit your gardening needs. This type of gravel comes with a smooth and round surface. It comes in different colors of tan and beige. This gravel is good if you want your garden to have curb appeal. River rock can also be used for commercial purposes when you want to have cement for your construction; river rock is used in mixing cement.

When you are looking for gravel Portland Oregon for concrete, go for the 1 inch limestone. The 1 inch limestone is crushed gravel that is gray in color. It is best suited for mixing concrete because this type of gravel is very fine in texture.

If you are going to be purchasing gravel Portland Oregon in large quantities, you will need to go to the sand and gravel company and put an order for the amount of gravel that you will need. If you are going to buy the gravel in small quantities, then you can easily purchase it by visiting your nearest hardware store.