One bad hire could topple your marketing efforts and derail your business in a major way. That’s why finding the right company that offers Orlando SEO services matters. Here’s a list of questions to ask to help point you to the right direction:

How long have you been in business?

Long-standing experience is usually a good sign. But there’s also nothing wrong with employing young companies, so long as they have the resources and skills to get things done.

Can I have a list of references?

One way to tell if the company you want to hire for Orlando SEO services is a good fit for your business is to ask for references. Talking it out with past clients and customers isn’t just a wise move to confirm and verify whatever information the company has told you about their services. It also gives you the chance to ask past clients about their experience with the company. Positive reviews or bad ones can help steer you to making the decision that’s right for your organization.

How will you improve my traffic?

Good SEO talents can take a look at your site, discuss problems and give out great suggestions on how to fix your pages. From streamlining the experience, removing any of the clutter and ensuring designs your customers will love, a good company will have your online marketing needs covered. If the company can’t offer concrete solutions, you’d be better off getting help elsewhere, says the Entrepreneur.

Can you make my site number one on Google?

Any company that says yes to that isn’t a reliable or trustworthy one. While it’s not impossible, any company that makes promises like these might resort to black hat techniques, which could net you Google fines and penalties.
So choose carefully. Keep a checklist of these questions handy when you look for an SEO company for help.