If a homeowner discovers mouse droppings inside of their house, they will most likely want to take the necessary steps in eliminating rodents from within their walls. Ignoring a mouse problem can quickly lead to additional mice should breeding take place. This will increase the amount of bacteria in the home and can also put people at risk for disease. Here are some steps one can take to eradicate mice from a home using methods of Pest Control in Gig Harbor Wa.

Clean The Home Frequently

Mice tend to stay in areas where there is food readily available. If there are no crumbs to eat, mice will move on to other targets to find a meal. Cleaning the home often will help eliminate any food crumbs so mice do not have a food source ready at all times. Cleaning counters after meal preparation and vacuuming all floors often will help keep crumbs at a minimum.

Use Traps To Kill Mice

There are a variety of traps available on the market to aid in mouse elimination. A homeowner can set up glue traps, snap traps, or traps with bait to kill mice effectively. It is necessary to check the traps each day to remove any remains present. Some people prefer that humane traps be used. These are small plastic rectangular cubes with hinged doorways. Mice can get inside, but cannot get back out. If using these traps, remove any mice captured and place them in a wooded area away from the home.

Check The Exterior Of The Home

If there are cracks present in the exterior of the home, mice can make their way to the inside. Use caulk to plug up any crevices noticed. It is also best to tend to any gaps around windows or doors with pieces of weather stripping to help block the area so it can not be used to enter the home.
If someone is interested in finding out more about Pest Control in Gig Harbor Wa, they can call a reputable service in the area. An appointment can be scheduled to evaluate the home and to decide the best course of action to remove the critters promptly.