There is a natural beauty to having a fireplace in your home, and choosing a gas fireplace over a wood burning option is a popular option. The wonderful thing about a gas burning fireplace is you can enjoy all the benefits of its wood burning counterpart without all the sawdust, ash and the occasional smell of smoke in the home.

If you are still considering the importance of adding a gas fireplace to your home, here are four other reasons to renovate an old wood burning fireplace or add a completely new gas model in a room currently without a fireplace.

The Atmosphere

There is something very relaxing about watching a fireplace. It is a simple and practical way to add heat and light to a room in a way that is like no other. While a gas fireplace won’t have the crackling and slight woody odor of a traditional fireplace, it is a very clean system to use in a home, condo or apartment.

Reduce Heating System Costs

With a gas fireplace in the home, you can utilize a very low cost of zone climate control, even if you only have an old style of single zone system. Depending on the size and the type of the fireplace you choose it can heat an entire floor or just keep a room the perfect temperature.

Without the need to run the furnace for even the unused areas of the home, you can help to reduce your heating bills over the long winter months.

Increase Home Value

While having a gas fireplace installed or not having a fireplace is not usually going to make the difference between a home sale or a buyer walking away, having a fireplace is a value-adding consideration.

Showing the home with the fireplace on for a cooler day or evening is a wonderful way to make your room look inviting and comfortable. The ease of operating a gas model is certainly a selling point of interest and something that appeals to all buyers.

Individualized Temperature Control

The new styles and designs of gas fireplace units are very efficient and also very technically advanced. With an LCD remote, you can set the room temperature and the fireplace will automatically adjust to keep the room at the temperature you like.

This is perfect for a bedroom, living area, home office, games room or home theater. Having this individual control not only ties your gas fireplace into energy savings, but also adds to the personal comfort in any room you desire.

The advantages of a gas fireplace make this a popular option at Kozy Heat.