Mishaps in the bathroom send over 200,000 Americans to the emergency room yearly. The majority of these accidents happen in a shower or tub. Slippery floors, sharp countertops, and hard surfaces are often the biggest culprits. If you have an older adult in your home, you must invest in elderly bathroom safety aids to ensure their safety.

Install Grab Bars in the Restroom

Seniors often rely on grasping anything they can hold onto to maintain balance while getting in and out of the shower or tub. However, these fixtures aren’t designed to handle extra weight. Using them as supports can lead to bathroom falls. Grab bars are the best solutions as they allow older adults to maneuver around the shower. Best of all, they can be installed close to the toilet to help with balance and leverage.

Invest in a Bath or Shower Chair

Bath seats provide older adults with the stability they need when bathing in slippery bathrooms. Different options exist. Some are simple stool-like, while others have side extensions to help seniors with tub transfers. Consult a healthcare provider if you need help determining which version suits your loved one.

Raise the Toilet Seat

Older adults often struggle to lower or raise themselves onto conventional toilet seats. Raised seats can make life easier for them. Different types of seats have varying features. So, find and install a seat that can ensure an optimal toilet experience.

Use Non-Slip Strips

Replace the traditional bath mats with textured, non-slip strips installed on the bottom of the shower or tub. Unlike traditional mats, which can come loose and slide in the shower, these elderly bathroom safety aids adhere to the tub or shower floor. As a result, they provide extra grip for older adults to stand on.

If you need help choosing the right elderly bathroom safety aids, contact A-Z Home Medical Equipment. They can recommend the correct version for your senior loved one based on their needs, mobility, or available space.