When you think of church furniture, the first image that comes to mind is probably the pews. While pews are a standard part of many large churches, every congregation will need more than just seating for the main hall. Whether you are tasked with replacing furniture for your current church or looking into furnishings for a brand new congregation, it’s best to know what you should look for from church furniture suppliers.


If your congregation is going to have any kind of choir performances, you may want to look into a riser for the staging area. A riser will allow your choir to stand in neatly divided rows that enable everyone to be visible to the whole congregation.

Stackable chairs

You’ll have additional seating needs beyond just the pews. Investing in a good amount of stackable chairs will enable you to seat people for special events in a meeting hall, and stackable chairs are another option for your choir as well.

Furniture for children

Sunday School is a crucial part of any church congregation. According to ShareFaith.com, you should look for brightly colored and simple children’s furniture with surfaces that can be easily wiped down and sanitized for your children’s rooms.

Office furniture

Don’t neglect the furniture that the church staff will require. In addition to items like desks and filing cabinets for the church office, you should look into a good conference table for the church board of directors as well.

A church is so much more than just a meeting space, and therefore your chosen church furniture supplier should have expertise in filling the needs of religious communities. With the right supplier, you’ll be able to evaluate the best furniture to outfit your church at the lowest price. Educate yourself about your many different options and start exploring the furniture available to you today.