With the passage of the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) in 1990, workplace disabilities became a more well-known issue. Employers learned about their obligations and disabled workers found out about their rights. However, discrimination didn’t end, mostly because its manifestations are misunderstood. Below, you’ll learn about five forms of workplace Disability Discrimination Ventura County CA.


If there are two applicants of similar standing and one is chosen simply because they’re not disabled, discrimination has occurred. Similarly, keeping disabled individuals from applying for jobs, or not providing reasonable accommodations during the interview process, could also be seen as discrimination.

Workplace Harassment

It is prohibited to make offensive or derogatory remarks about a disabled person, regardless of whether the person making the remark is a client, a customer, a supervisor, or an employee. If the act creates a hostile work environment or causes the disabled person to be fired or demoted, discrimination has taken place.

Failure to Make Reasonable Accommodations

If a disabled employee requires certain accommodations to do or apply for a job, the employer must provide those accommodations as long as it doesn’t cause significant hardship. A “reasonable” accommodation could be something as simple as buying a certain chair or allowing additional restroom breaks.

Establishing a Discriminatory Corporate Culture

This is a broad category because, in some cases, there aren’t specific instances of discrimination, but the corporate culture makes it impossible for disabled people to do their jobs. Examples include: putting able-bodied workers front-of-house, or requiring positions to be filled by non-disabled people.

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Workers and employers should be aware of Disability Discrimination Ventura County CA and how they may fight or contribute to it.