Car accidents killed about 35,092 people in 2015. Those numbers are high. By knowing common causes of accidents, though, you can take steps to protect yourself and stay safe on the road so you won’t end up being another statistic:

Driving while distracted

In-cabin distractions are the top of the list. Keep your phone on silent so you won’t get distracted by a ring or text alert. No eating, reading, applying make-up or talking to someone on the phone either.

Driving while drunk

If you must have a drink, take a cab on your way home. Don’t drive. Even if you come out of the accident unscathed, you could put other people in danger. If you do find yourself in an accident, hire a reputable and experienced car accident lawyer in Princeton NJ to help you.

Speeding up

It can be tempting to drive like a daredevil, especially when you know you’re going to be late to the office. But speeding could result in an accident. Learn to drive well under the speed limit instead.


Driving during heavy rains can land you in a ditch especially if visibility is already compromised. You’ll want to look for a safe place where you could park and wait until the worst of the storm has passed, says the Huffington Post.

Running a red light

A lot of people can’t help but run a red light. If you’re one of them, stop. If you want to get to the office safe and sound, break that bad habit of running red lights. If you do end up in trouble with the law, consult a car accident lawyer in Princeton NJ for help.

Driving at night

Visibility can often be poor at night. It might be better to limit your driving to daylight hours or to have someone else drive for you.