If you’re looking around for body treatments to help you lose the extra weight, you might be interested to look into Coolsculpting services in Chicago, from notable places like the Liposuction And Cosmetic Surgery Institute. However, before you go out and get the treatment done, here’s a rundown of interesting facts you should know, says Cosmopolitan.

Fat Cells Self-Destruct In The Cold

FDA-approved, this procedure sucks in the skin that’s around the fatty tissue that you want to freeze. After that, controlled cooling or cryolipolysis is used to get the temperature of the skin to drop until it reaches the level where the skin-cells self-destruct. What happens then? The body just takes care of the biological trash, as it were, flushing it out of your system in the coming weeks.

Uneven Removal A Risk

Since the fatty tissue is suctioned, the technology isn’t very precise, so there’s a slight risk of uneven removal of fat.

Cost Of Treatment

One session can set you back $500. Since some say one treatment is enough, this might come off as a good price. However, if you want to continue to have treatments on more than one area of your body, you’ll be paying another $500 for each. So if you’re looking for a low-cost treatment for your entire body, you might want to keep these factors in mind.

Better For Small Areas

Using this treatment on thighs with a little excess weight or on slender bodies with stubborn love handles is ideal. Small areas come out even easily enough. However, broader areas aren’t ideal for this treatment. Rates of uneven skin removal are higher when it’s used on large areas.

Length Of Treatment

Treatment for a section lasts for about an hour. So, if you’ve got a lot of sections up for treatment, then you could be there a long time.

Expect A Little Numbness

Exposure to the cold affects the superficial nerves, resulting to a few hours of numbness. You can expect to have feeling back in your arms and legs a few hours after the treatment.

Bruising And Soreness

Since treatment involves the suction of the tissue, that means your tissues are being pulled or tugged, giving you a few bruises and possibly leaving you sore for a few days.


Give it about a few weeks or months before the full effects become apparent. That’s it. Now, good luck with your treatment! For more information on Coolsculpting Services in Chicago, visit at Business Name.