Flat roofs can be a necessity, depending on the space planning of the building. There are some things that can be done with flat roofs that can’t be done with a pitched roof. In order to minimize the flaws of a flat roof, the roof must be installed properly. Once a strong waterproof foundation is established, these are the different ways a flat roof can be utilized.

The flat roofing in Seattle WA can be utilized to hold roof gardens. In areas where yard space is at a premium and the demand for homegrown food high, the flat design can hold different planters. If utilizing the roof for a garden area, extra precautions do need to be taken. Extra support may need to be added to support the planter boxes. You may also want to put in additional waterproofing methods, and a means to drain excess water.

Another item that can be added to flat roofs is decking. Roof decks are exceedingly popular in areas where the roofs have the best view of the area. Before adding a deck, the roof will need to be inspected to ensure it can handle the weight. There also needs to be something going under the decking that helps prevent the water from pooling on the roof surface. You may also need building permits to add the deck.

The flat roofing in Seattle WA is often the designated area for large air conditioning units and vents. This is more commonly found in commercial buildings. These large units are placed on the roof to increase air flow and to keep them out of the way. Many commercial flat roofs are supported to handle the demands of these heavy pieces of machinery. The weight of the machines is incorporated into the architect’s plan since the building also needs to include extra support.

These are a few ways that the flat roof has an advantage over other pitched roof systems. While they do have their flaws, proper maintenance will help prevent the majority of them.