A Brief Guide About Hyperhidrosis In Fairfax County, VA

In Virginia, cosmetic treatments manage a variety of conditions that hinder the self-esteem. Clinicians offer treatments such as Botox, liposuction, and chemical peels. The procedures enhance the appearance and address complex concerns. Hyperhidrosis in Fairfax County VA is a complex condition that local clinicians can treat quickly.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

The condition is defined by excessive sweating that isn’t the result of an emotional response. Patients experience one of two different types of the condition. The focal version is restricted to more centralized areas of the body such as the underarms, hands, or feet. The generalized type affects the entire body at all times.

What are Causes for the Condition?

The condition is often linked to another underlying condition that requires treatment. The most common underlying conditions are menopause, nervous disorders, and obesity. The condition is often an inherited condition as well. Some mental conditions could also lead to excessive sweating, too, but the conditions are treated with prescription medications.

What are the Most Common Symptoms?

The symptoms are excessive visible sweat that isn’t hard to notice. The patients experience difficulties holding onto objects due to the excessive dampness. Their hands and feet may peel, and the conditions lead to frequent skin infections for the patients.

How are the Conditions Diagnosed?

A doctor completes a full examination to provide a proper diagnosis. The clinician may conduct additional tests to discover the underlying condition causing the excessive sweating.

What is the Condition Treated?

Clinicians offer a variety of treatments to manage hyperhidrosis. Mild cases that are centralized are treated with medicated antiperspirants. More complex conditions require more extensive measures to treat the condition. Botox injections have proven success for treating the condition. The injections paralyze the glands and prevent them from producing sweat.

In Virginia, cosmetic treatments address excessive sweating and eliminate the embarrassing condition quickly. The condition is either centralized and affects the hands, feet, or underarms. However, it can also affect the entire body. Clinicians use Botox to treat the condition quickly. The procedure paralyzes the sweat glands and stops symptoms for up to six weeks. Patients who need assistance with Hyperhidrosis in Fairfax County VA contact Tamjidi Skin Institute today. Like us on Facebook.

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