What’s not to like about hardwood floors? It’s the perfect floor covering to make a home look elegant. In fact, homeowners can install Wood Floors in NYC in just about every room. The only exception is the bathroom. That’s because moisture collects in the bathroom and floors can be warped.

Wood Floors Are Very Economical

Wood floors are a good value compared to another flooring like carpeting. Further, realtors say wood adds to the resale value of a home. It is the most desirable home floor covering at this time. Indeed, most hardwood floors increase in value because they last a lifetime. There is also great variety in the colors of wood flooring. Lighter colors are very popular including gray and white.

If Health Is A Concern

Wood Floors in NYC do not take away from indoor air quality. Further, experts say it’s impossible to keep mites and other bugs out of carpeting. That is a not a problem with wood floors. Also, it’s unlikely that mold would ever grow on a hard floor surface.

Allergy sufferers know how difficult it is to maintain carpet during allergy season. That’s because pollen gets tracked through the carpet constantly. A swipe of a dust mop is all it takes to collect pollen from a hard surface. Additionally, the EPA is concerned that some flooring products harbor toxins. However, the agency does not include hardwood floors.

Good For The Environment

No one has to worry about trees being cut to make wood floors. Most forests have ecological programs that make sure trees are replanted when others are cut. Indeed, the U.S. Forestry Service keeps watching over the industry. Twice the amount of trees are planted each year than the amount cut for wood flooring. Further, because of reforestation, there are more trees today than 25 years ago.

Maintenance Is A Breeze

All the homeowner needs to do is an occasional mopping of hardwood flooring. Further, take advantage of the vacuums with settings for hardwood floors. Most flooring systems come with special products designed for wet mopping. It’s also a good idea to use area rugs and floor protectors on furniture. For more information, contact New York Wood Flooring. Follow us on Twitter.