Developing green businesses, products, and services have always been a challenge in all areas of the country. Often entrepreneurs struggle to find support, solutions, and options for funding and development that integrate green technology and environmentally friendly production methods.
For many of these new business owners, an additional challenge can be simply finding a space to research, prototype, and develop the product or service they want to offer. Having a business address and an office space is another consideration that is essential in obtaining funding and support innovations in green technology.

A Green Solution

Thanks to Dr. Pandwe Gibson and her focus on sustainable manufacturing and green business initiatives, ecopreneurs in the Miami Gardens area and the Green Corridor have an incubator and maker space to access. Offering a complete resource for businesses, and particularly underserved communities, this is a one of a kind option for entrepreneurs.

The founder of EcoTech Visions – Dr. Gibson, is a leading support and service center for green business innovation. Offering a full range of services for member businesses, including meeting spaces, offices, production facilities, and specialized training and collaborative working spaces, individuals with innovative and environmentally-friendly business ideas now have a place to access the resources they need. Memberships are available with different options and prices, allowing business owners to choose the package to meet their requirements.

Benefits to the Community

In addition to providing training, maker space, access to equipment and office services, also provides a range of professional development opportunities for both business owners as well as people in the community.

Dr. Gibson has developed free courses through the Digital Citizens Bootcamp, allowing people in underserved communities to learn the skills needed to not only find employment but to also work for the companies developed through the EcoTech Visions incubator.