A time may come in the life of some individuals when they are arrested and must come up with bail money to get out of jail until their court date. In some cases, they may have the bail money but, other times, the bail may be so high they need assistance from a bail bond agency. A bail agent in Shelton, CT comes to the aid of those who need the financial assistance to get out of jail. Here are some things individuals should know about the bail bond process.

What to Know About the Bail Bond Process

When a judge sets bail for a defendant and that person cannot afford the bail, there are other options available, including contacting a bail bond agency. The bail bond agency will charge the defendant a fee (between 10 percent and 15 percent), and the defendant can be released from jail. Depending on how high the cost of the bail is, the bail bond agency may require collateral from the defendant, such as the title to a house, a car, or a boat.

What Else to Know About the Bail Bond Process

As long as the defendant shows up to all the court appointments, the collateral will be intact and the defendant will get the property released after everything is over. If the defendant decides to skip bail, the bail bond agency becomes responsible for paying the full amount of the bail and the defendant will be returned to jail. The collateral will have a lien placed on it until the bail bond agency gets its money, but the defendant can avoid all of this by simply doing all that is required.

Where to Get a Bail Bond Agent in Connecticut

For defendants in Shelton and the surrounding areas, there are many bail bond agencies available. Aces Bail Bonds provides services to defendants in Shelton and the nearby areas. If an individual needs a bail agent in Shelton, CT, this agency is available. Browse our website for more information.