Aches, Pains, And Pulled Muscles After An Accident In Palm Coast, FL

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Law

Unless you happen to have a very high-stress physical occupation, chances are that the most physical stress you will ever go through in your life will happen during an automobile accident in Palm Coast, FL. Even in a relatively minor accident, the amount of stress put on every muscle and bone of your body is extensive and if it happens to be a serious or high-speed accident, the forces exerted on your body can be really extreme. It is a very rare situation where someone will come out of an automobile accident without any residual aches or pains. If you are involved in even the most minor of accidents, you should really expect and plan on having some resultant soreness but with a little preparation, you can minimize the worst of it and hopefully avoid having long-term consequences. Obviously, if you already have medical issues that might possibly be exacerbated by this accident, you really should check with your primary physician so that you do not let problems go untreated. Of course, do not do anything that goes against what your physician has already told you or does tell you once you notify him that you have been in an accident in Palm Coast, FL.

First of all, plan on taking an anti-inflammatory of some sort if you can take them without difficulty. You might even want to start taking those immediately after the accident in Palm Coast, FL, rather than waiting for the aches and pains to start. Warmth will help increase blood circulation to the sore spots which, ironically, can take away the pain faster. Alternating between heat and cold on the site of any pulled muscles will also help you get through the worst of the pain. Expect bruises, especially anywhere you hit a solid surface such as the door or the dashboard and most people get some pretty nasty looking bruises where the seatbelt held them in. Although this looks bad, just remember that the seatbelt is supposed to work that way and is almost undoubtedly kept you from more serious harm.

Beyond that, it is a good idea to take some time off work if possible and necessary; do not overdo; and give yourself time to heal. You will almost certainly have a stiff neck after about the third day. That is to be expected and with careful treatment, it will just go away after a day or two. Obviously, if the pain or problems after an accident in Palm Coast, FL does not clear up quickly or continues to get worse, you really must see a physician.

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