All About Employment Screening Services

by | Dec 12, 2011 | Business

Nothing irritates like hiring a candidate who just will not work, or deliver. Human resources departments can no longer rely on interviews alone to make sound hiring decisions. To counter and avoid the risks of bad hiring decisions, the human resource departments for almost all companies have now turned to seeking the employment screening services, to avoid decisions that may cause harm in future. The screening process requires the candidate to verify some information such as education, prior job history as well as their performance in the previous jobs.

The screening is conducted under some federal law considering that, some private information may be needed. Such laws give the rules on how such processes should be conducted and for what purposes. It is important for the employer to know that, such screening should not only be conducted on the candidates they are just about to hire, but also on the current work force for improved performance and security. The whole issue of screening the existing work force is quite controversial, with many people arguing that it should not be conducted on existing workers. You however agree with me that though employees have a clean record when being hired, this may not be the case for the whole period they are working for you.

Employment screening services have several benefits, one being the fact that, you are able to know on the candidate’s work related competencies, an employer is be able to maximize on productivity by hiring the best available talents. The screening greatly reduces the employee turnover and the training costs as well in the sense that, you are able to get the most competent people who will require less or no training. The requirement of such a process will with no doubt, discourage candidates with criminal backgrounds from applying, which saves the employers time money in the process of recruiting. It also discourages candidates with risky behaviors such as abuse of drugs, hence making the working environment for your company safer.

Even with the numerous advantages, some people have argued that the screening is baseless considering that, there is no empirical evidence that has proved that this process indeed brings about any advantage to the employers. Some have also argued that using former workmates to derive information about a candidate may not be accurate based on the fact that some former workmates may be biased, and may not give honest opinions. With several providers claiming to be the best in doing the screening for you, it is strongly recommended that you seek to look for a company that is trustworthy, safe and certified. This ensures that the screening process is one that gives no chances to incompetency that may compromise on the quality of the candidates picked.

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