Tips For Choosing a Vet Office In Shirley NY

by | Dec 3, 2011 | Business

With lots of options in a new vet office Shirley NY pet owners understand the value of shopping around before deciding on a family veterinarian. A new puppy or kitten is a great gift for children but comes with a lot of responsibility. Families with new pets must immediately begin the search for a reputable vet in their area that they can partner with to provide the best care for their pet. On top of regular check-ups pets require emergency services and extra services such as teeth cleaning and boarding.

What To Expect During The Annual Exam

Upon receiving a new dog or cat families should begin the search for a veterinarian immediately. Although new pets may not seem sick they can be carrying worms that family members can catch or other illnesses contagious to neighborhood pets. Most regular check-ups include an overall health assessment including vital signs, hearing, vision and dental check, blood work searching for diseases and heart worms, fecal tests for intestinal worms and a general assessment of the pet’s condition. The annual exam is the best time for a vet to get to know both the pet and the family.

Emergency Care For Pets

No one wants to think about their beloved family pet getting into an accident but just like with humans accidents happen to pets. Once a pet does get injured emergency vet care is needed. Emergency vet offices should have the most current diagnostic equipment including MRI, CT scanners, and ultrasound. By establishing a relationship with a vet prior to an emergency, pet owners can help a vet in an emergency since the vet will already be familiar with a pet’s demeanor and normal health.

Extra Veterinarian Services

Much like people pets need all kinds of medical services other than an annual check-up. A modern vet office offers Shirley NY pets dental cleaning services including sedation, nutritional counseling and boarding. Many families choose a vet because of their boarding services. Leaving a family pet alone with strangers can cause unwanted stress on family members and pets. Having a pet stay at the vet’s office while the family is away visiting family or enjoying a vacation gives peace of mind. In case of an emergency excellent care is immediately available.

Regardless of which new pet a family gets determining the right vet should be first priority. When visiting and researching local vets families should consider the qualifications of the veterinarians and staff, emergency services available including diagnostic equipment and all special and secondary services a pet might need during their lifetime. After all the facts are gathered and studied in the search for a vet office Shirley NY pet owners can make an educated decision on the best vet for their family pet.

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