Alzheimer’s patients need a different level of care than other senior citizens. Because they have some very different neurological, emotional, and psychological problems than peers of the same age, it becomes necessary to place these patients in Alzheimer’s care homes by Parker, CO

families and doctors. To understand why these homes in Colorado have been established, it helps to know more about the dangerous situations that occur in the later stages of the disease.

It’s in the Best Interests of the Patient to House Them Elsewhere

Many patients with Alzheimer’s tend to wander. There have been numerous stories over the years about patients with Alzheimer’s who wander out of their homes or less restrictive facilities and are found deceased in snowbanks or worse.

Not every patient with Alzheimer’s will wander, but those who do need to be somewhere where they can’t wander out into dangerous conditions. Facilities like the Alzheimer’s care homes in Parker, CO have many safety measures in place to protect the wandering patients.

Different Homes for Different Stages

Patients who still have moments of lucidity shouldn’t have to stay in the same homes as patients who are now non-verbal or immobile. Ergo, different houses are set up for different stages of the disease.

As it progresses, patients may be moved to other houses or other wings where more staff can tend to their growing needs. Support is provided so that patients may be encouraged to continue doing as much as they can for themselves for as long as they can.