The pandemic put a hold on shared workspaces in New York City NYC, for a while, but now these spaces are making a well-deserved comeback. If you’re working remotely and need a change of scenery, here are some benefits shared workspaces offer.


Shared workspaces let you mingle and collaborate among like-minded people. You can work alone, or if you’re stuck on a project, others are around to reach out to for advice and feedback. Sharing resources is one of the best ways to drive progress.

Social Interaction

Maybe you’re a lone worker who doesn’t need feedback or advice on your projects. Maybe you’re just someone who’s tired of scrolling through their social media feeds when taking a break and want to connect with other people in real life. A shared workspace gives you the opportunity for social interaction. You never know. You might just connect with someone who changes your life, professionally or personally.


Are you struggling with work-related issues you don’t have anyone to talk to about? Shared workspaces can give you a chance to get support from others. They can also decrease anxiety and stress-related issues. A supportive environment is important for people who work remotely because isolation can easily set in.

Not all shared workspaces are the same. Some include private offices, while others are open-concept. Some include amenities like coffee machines and printers, while others are bare-bone workspaces with wifi. To learn more about shared workspaces in New York City NYC, do your research and find the right fit for you.