If you invest, you need a securities attorney in Sacramento to help ensure that your rights are protected. Most investments deal with losses and gains because of market swings, but not all losses are because of the market. In some cases, it is broker error, in other cases it is something a bit seedier.

Protecting Your Rights

A securities attorney in Sacramento can help to ensure that y our rights as an investor are protected. Most people believe that if they make an investment and take losses on that investment, that there is nothing that they can do but there may be something you can do. There are 7 duties that your stock broker is supposed to adhere to, if they did not you may have some options for getting your money back. Areas of law that protect you include:

  • Investment frauds
  • Stock broker fiduciary duties
  • Other laws

A securities attorney understands the laws that protect investors and they know how to use the laws to help you mitigate your losses and get your money back.

Investment Fraud

In many cases, fraud can be hard to detect. An experienced attorney that is an expert is securities can evaluate your case and let you know if what you suspect is provable. They will review the transactions and take the appropriate steps to help you recover some or all your investment. Fraud can come in all shapes and forms, it can be blatant, or it can be covert, an expert can detect all types of fraud. Unfortunately, investment fraud is often overlooked by the investors because they are uncertain as to whether they have a case or not.

Take Advantage

Not every investment loss can be recovered. There is always a level of risk with investments that mean you can win or you can lose but, in some cases, you can win even when you lose. The right attorney will have the skill set and knowledge to tell you right away if you can recoup loses under the law. The good news is that you do not have to sit back when you suspect fraud or malpractice, there are steps that you can take that will help you get your money back. The Law Offices of Mitchell S. Otswald can review your investment and give you the answers that you need.