PET scan is short for Positron Emission Tomography. It is an imaging technique that can help show how the body’s organs and soft tissues are functioning. PET scans are preferred over CT and MRI scans because a PET scan will uncover how the organs and tissues are functioning rather than just showing the outlines of those tissues and organs.

The most common reasons why a doctor might recommend a PET scan include a scan of the brain, the heart, breasts, and the lungs. However, these are not the only areas where a PET scan could be useful. A PET scan can quickly show the size, shape, position as well as the function of nearly any organ within the body. Cardiac PET Scan Costs generally run between $1,750 to $3,000.

The PET scan allows a doctor to evaluate the function of hard to reach organs such as the brain and heart, and to diagnose heart disease as well as brain disorders. A PET scan can also detect cancer, and allow a doctor to see if cancer has spread. The scan can also show areas of the body where there is poor blood flow. Doctors can also take a series of PET scans over time to evaluate how the patient is responding to treatment. This is particularly useful for cancer treatment.

Cardiac PET Scan costs are generally covered by health insurance. However, check your coverage and deductible to see if a PET scan is covered.

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