The phrase personal injury is a broad area of the law that covers any type of injury that is inflicted on a person because of another. Car accidents, assault, medical negligence, and slip and falls are but just a few of the scenarios that can lead to a personal injury occurring. When a person or company is responsible for a person’s injuries, they can be held accountable and required to pay the injured person compensation. Pursuing a personal injury settlement is often best carried out through the aid of an attorney, because with their help a person can have legal guidance in dealing with the insurance company or pursuing a complaint in a trial.

A personal injury settlement may first be pursued through an insurance company, depending on how the injury occurred. Injured victims will deal with an insurance company in cases of auto accidents, medical negligence, and slip and falls, among others. Most people know insurance companies are not always fair in their settlement offers, but having an attorney working on their behalf can often prompt the insurance company to offer more than they normally would. If a person is not receiving the fair settlement offer they deserve, the attorney may decide to help the injured client pursue a complaint in court.

A trial presents a unique opportunity for an attorney to present evidence on behalf of his client. Since the case is overheard by a judge and jury, it is important the attorney can prove the defendant is responsible for the injuries and damages the plaintiff suffered from. If this can be proven, the jury will award a specific amount of compensation based on the evidence of medical records and future medical care that will be needed.

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