The first step in planning a bathroom remodel is to take a realistic look at the existing space. Do you plan to stay in the home for just a few more years or is this your last home. If the latter, you may want to consider what is known as universal design, regardless of your capabilities now. This concept has become so mainstream now that you don’t have to worry that the bathroom will have an institutional appearance. This concept incorporates larger shower stalls with a zero-threshold and built-in benches. In When it comes to toilets, comfort-height models are as common as standard height ones.

Major bathroom renovation projects are best left to the experts. This is one room where if the work is inadequate, or below-average you will be reminded of it daily. Similar to a kitchen many trades are involved with a bathroom remodel -; electricians, plumbers, carpentry, and tile layers. Your best served by contracting with a Bathroom Remodeling Company The Villages such as Burns Woodworking LLC. Working with a contractor that only remodels bathrooms and has decades of experienced you are assured your project is in good hands.

Finding a remodeler that allows you to pick your own plumbing and lighting fixtures, cabinets, sinks, tub, and even toilet, from whatever source you choose saves you money in the long run. This eliminates the need for the contractor to have a showroom, maintain and inventory and warehouse, all which incurs overhead which is passed on to the client. Whether a grand master bath or half bath tucked under a stairway you have a room that truly reflects your style.

To help keep costs down consider keeping your plumbing fixtures in the same areas if possible to save on rerouting plumbing. If there is one part of the bathroom to splurge on, the experts say it’s the shower. To create a luxurious shower the stall should be at least 4-by-6-feet or even better is 5-by-7-feet. Consider water-efficient shower heads, faucets, and toilets, many of which offer a satisfying flow such as a rain shower head. Many couples are realizing the advantage of more counter space over a second sink as well. So put down that sledgehammer and call a Bathroom Remodeling Company in The Villages today for a free consultation.