Used for the transport of materials in a distribution plant or manufacturing facility, conveyors may be designed horizontally, vertically, or inclined. The conveyors are powered by hydraulic or electric power or by gravity. The loads on the systems ride on top of a belt or rollers that wind over a fixed pathway. Specific points allow for the discharge or loading of materials.

Getting the Job Done Sooner

Because conveyor systems in St. Louis, MO support the transport of voluminous materials, any warehousing or manufacturing work can be done at a faster pace. When this happens, labor costs are reduced, which increases profits. Some of the applications include the transport of palletized loads, cases, or totes to and from fixed storage units or from a picking area to a packaging spot for shipment.

Types of Gravity Conveyors

Conveyor systems that operate with gravity usually come in three forms, including the following:

  • Chute conveyors feature a solid surface that is made with plastic or metal. The system is angled downwards in a spiral or straight design. Loads slide over the chute.
  • Gravity roller conveyors support products on rollers that are made with internal ball bearing rings affixed on axles. The conveyors feature curved, spur, or straight designs. Some are designed with curved and spur or curved and straight designs.
  • Gravity wheel conveyors are made to hold light-duty loads as they feature smooth, flat bottoms and support products with skate wheels that have been fixed on the frame’s shaft. Conveyor sections can be made to be flexible or fixed.

Powered Conveyors

Powered conveyors are operated by a pneumatic or electrically powered design. Some of these conveyor systems represent the following:

  • Accumulation conveyors accumulate their loads at a certain point.
  • Belt conveyors move loads on belts made of plastic, metal, leather, rubber, or fabric.
  • Chain conveyors are made to move heavy unit loads such as containers or pallets.
  • Liver roller conveyors are usually used for warehouse operation. The loads move on rollers that are fixed in a frame and powered by various methods.

The above conveyors are just a sampling of what you can add to your operations. If you would like to receive further details and information, contact a company such as Midwest Industrial Concepts today. You can also connect them on Facebook.