While there are some true benefits to having an aerobic septic system, this type of system does come along with higher maintenance needs. Taking a few tips into consideration can help you keep this type of system in good working order.

Hire a Professional

At least every four to six months, you’ll want a professional to come and perform Aerobic System Maintenance in Conroe TX. They’ll be able to find and fix any issues with the system and ensure it stays working properly. Choose a professional that’s familiar with your particular system, as there are differences between them and this limits the risk of the system being accidentally damaged during the pumping.

Avoid Putting Certain Items Down the Drains or Toilets

Only toilet paper and wastewater should go down the drains or be flushed down the toilet. Don’t put bleach, unused medicines, feminine products, food, drain cleaners, paper towels, wipes, cigarette buts. grease, or paint down the drain. The aerobic system can’t properly treat these types of items.

Report Alarms Right Away

Although an alarm doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an emergency situation, you should call it in right away and schedule Aerobic System Maintenance in Conroe TX. In the meantime, limit the use of water to avoid overly stressing the system while it’s not working at peak levels.

Use Proper Landscaping

An aerobic system requires an area with vegetation for it to spray the treated water over. However, you want to keep this under control and make sure all parts of the system are accessible for maintenance. This means keeping the spray heads clear. Also, don’t have sprinklers spray water over the spray area of the septic system, as this could cause the ground to be too soggy.

Have the Septic System Pumped in a Timely Manner

When the sludge builds up to a certain level in the system, it needs to be pumped. This is typically recommended when it is at least half full, which on average is approximately every two to five years.

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