It’s that time of year again, when robins chirp, daffodils bloom, and cars need their wheels aligned after hitting a big pothole. Services for Auto Damage Repair in Centerville OH have mechanics who check over the vehicle after one of these incidents, making sure the wheels are in proper position and that no other problems occurred.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side

Drivers often know if the vehicle has developed an alignment problem, as it may pull to one side when it should be traveling straight forward. This can happen for other reasons, though, such as tires being more worn on one side than the other. Worn suspension components also can cause this problem. Mechanics providing Auto Damage Repair in Centerville OH can diagnose the underlying issue and fix it.

Damage to Wheel Bearings

Hitting potholes can cause a more serious problem than misaligned wheels, which is damage to a wheel bearing. The symptom is a grinding noise from the wheel when turning the steering wheel. If the problem is ignored, it could lead to difficulty turning in that direction. A garage that functions as a Complete Auto Repair Center can replace or machine the bearings.

Bent Rims and Blown Tires

Other pothole-related incidents that sometimes happen are bent wheel rims and blown tires. Wheel rims can be replaced at a facility such as Centerville Service Center. A blown tire poses another consideration for the vehicle owner, as they have to decide if it’s time to replace all four tires. Usually, replacing at least two is recommended so the wear is even on either side.

Preventive Strategies

It can be difficult to completely avoid potholes, which become prevalent when the winter has been nasty and a great deal of freezing and thawing has occurred. Drivers can prevent damage to their cars by maneuvering directly over the broken asphalt without striking it directly. On roads they travel frequently, drivers can observe where the most noticeable asphalt issues are and learn to avoid them. If striking a pothole cannot be avoided, it’s best not to jam on the brakes and slow down, since the wheel is more likely to drop down into the hole instead of moving over it.