Few dogs enjoy pet nail trimming in Alexandria VA, but this admittedly unpleasant activity is a necessity for the majority of dogs and even many cats. Thankfully, pet owners don’t need to trim their animals’ nails at home. Most of the time they really shouldn’t since doing it wrong cause dogs and cats alike some serious discomfort.

The solution is definitely not to ignore the problem, though. Read on to find out about the health benefits of clipping dogs’ nails to find out why it’s worth taking them to the vet or a professional groomer for periodic nail trimming.

Avoid Pain While Walking

Most cats can keep their nails short if they are provided with a scratching post, but dogs don’t have the same luxury. If their nails are allowed to get too long, they can begin to cause discomfort. This happens when walking on hard floors puts pressure on their nails and pushes them back up into the dogs’ nail beds, which can also push toes to one side and eventually cause serious deformities.

Better Posture

If a dog is experiencing pain or discomfort when he or she walks around due to long nails, it can cause poor posture. Over time, this abnormal shifting of body weight can cause other joint problems and health issues. Professional Pet Nail Trimming in Alexandria VA will be less stressful for the dog and less expensive for the dog’s owner than dealing with the long-term repercussions of poor posture.

Less Risk of Snagging

Not all dog owners realize this, but dogs’ nails have blood vessels in their bases. As a result, snagged nails can wind up causing bleeding and a substantial amount of pain. If a dog’s nails are left to grow out indefinitely, it’s just a matter of time before this happens.

No Damage to Floors and Furniture

Dogs can’t help that their nails are long so it’s not their fault when they wind up scratching floors because their owners haven’t taken them to the groomer for a trim. Pet owners can avoid damage to their floors and furniture by just scheduling and keeping routine visits a few times a year. Contact us to get started today.